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Memory Games to Play With Your Kids to Improve Their Memory

Children are like a sponge, the more you soak them in knowledge, the more they will absorb. It’s during their early years of development that they need most knowledge. Their brain develops every day and you need to provide a stimulus that will help them to grow and develop more. The memory of the child […]

10 Simple & Fun Ways to Teach Multiplication to Your Child

Math activities for kids

When it comes to mathematics, multiplication will be quite hard for a child to grasp. It needs regular practice. The child will go to school, come home, and rest and play. If you ask them to solve different types of sums with you, they will either refuse or give you an innocent and adorable look […]

Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Addition & Subtraction

Math activities for kids

If you are tired of surfing the net and Pinterest for fun and interactive activities for your child to learn addition and subtraction, then you have come to the right place. Math activities for kids aren’t as easy initially as they will become later. They will eventually be able to solve problems mentally as well […]

Ideas For Making Homeschooling Fun

Homeschooling is the best option for parents who migrate often. With our current situation, homeschooling however has become temporarily fixed for every student. Homeschooling involves looking into a screen and listening to the lesson. The lack of regular uniforms, lunch breaks, and meeting friends can make homeschooling boring for the children. Many parents also notice […]

10 Arts & Crafts Activities To Do In A Lockdown

Children are the ones that get most anxious and antsy if they are requested to stay at home for longer periods. You need to placate them with daily surprising activities. But thinking of new activities every day is easier said than done, right? Hence, here I have listed 10 craft activities online as well as […]

Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

Ways to Help Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

For your child to be able to communicate beyond the toddler adorable gibberish, they will have to learn vocabulary. To build your child’s vocabulary, they will have to be taught via different games for kids. They will never willingly sit with you and glance through the books and increase their base. As a parent, you […]

Books Kids Should Read And Why?

Books Kids Should Read And Why?

Kids of all ages are encouraged to read often as it promotes many mental benefits for the child. Both the brain chemistry and the mental state of a child is improved after reading. If you wish to know the importance of the books, then they are- advanced eye-hand coordination, more vocabulary, increased creativity, faster and […]

Early Developmental Milestones

Early Developmental Milestones

Children learn to sit, talk, babble, and crawl at different ages. The timeline for such developmental is identical for most children. Parents always wait for their children to accomplish one developmental milestone after the other. These milestones are important to track because it will help you to understand the developmental process of the child. Any […]

10 Reasons Your Baby Wakes Up at Night

10 Reasons Your Baby Wakes Up at Night

When parents are expecting, they are excited about the new life that they are bringing into this world, but at the same time, they are non-functional when their babies cry and scream at night. No matter how much you massage them, sing to them, induce a healthy environment for them to sleep, they will wake […]

How Do You Discipline a Child Who Doesn’t Listen?

Disciplining a child for certain good behaviors is what parents are always striving for. Yet, at times, your child won’t listen to you. Parents take it as a form of disrespect and either lash out on the child or enforce very strict rules. This will frustrate the child and make them irritated with their parents. […]