Kids Educational Blogs Every Parent Must Read

We are living in an era wherein education isn’t limited to books and school. The child will learn many things from home, online services, games, etc. To meet the educational demand of your child, you as a parent need to be ready for all their questions, as well as be prepared to provide them with materials. When it comes to teaching, sometimes parents aren’t aware of the techniques used in school to teach their child, and they may be at a loss.

Some parents feel isolated and want to be included in the “parents club”. The children also may ask questions related to their studies and beyond. They even wish to gain access to reading material that is beneficial to them. This is where educational blogs for children come into the picture. The parents can gain insight into any teaching habits that can make their parenting more effective. Educational blogs will also help the child in knowing how he or she can learn better.

There are many fantastic and perceptive blogs for children, and we have listed some of the blogs for you. The blogs are informative, as well as help in developing a community and space for parents to ask questions and get insight into the different methods and styles of teaching their children.

Educational blogs:

1. Parents education network

This is one of the best blogs for kids as it provides with the tricks and techniques for teaching that usually trained professionals and teachers apply. They also use their platform to help the parents connect with special educators and teachers for better and extensive communication. Parents education network often organizes conferences and workshops to introduce the idea of teaching with collaboration between school and home. They send their trainees to the school, and they act as the bridge between the school and the parent.

2. PBS parents

PBS has blogs for mother and child. Their special expert forum will allow you to ask questions, write down comments and feedback, as well as to tell your story. They provide information related to children from birth to early developmental years. Their educational section of the blog provides information on various subjects such as maths, science, languages, etc.

3. Playdough to Plato

If you are searching for the best online blogs for kids, then this is it. The writing and creative team of this blog page consist of mothers who were formerly teachers. They especially write blogs about hands-on activities. These hands-on activities are fun and simple ways of teaching your child many skills related to their education and personal development.

4. What do we do all day?

For moms who stay at home, this is the best blogs kids online. The author posts various activities that a mother can do at home with her children. The activities are creative, fun, and educational. The next time someone asks you, “what do you do at home all day?” You can list many of the activities that are on this blog page.

5. The first-grade parade

In this best educational blog online, you will find many games that have educational purposes. The games can either be hands-on activities or online. You can also download some of the games mentioned in the blogs and use it to teach your child skills ranging from organization to learning complex concepts. The parents can make learning fun for the children with the games mentioned here.

6. The imagination tree

The author of this blog has the best educational blogs online because she focuses on physical fitness, creativity, and literacy. She proposes many ideas from the school that can be applied at home for making the teaching process easier for the children. Her blogs revolve around activities such as outdoor play spaces, sand, and gravel construction site play and creating a math investigation area.

7. Edutopia

The founder and author of one of the best online educational blogs believe in having classrooms in school that makes teaching engaging. This concept is reflected in their blogs as well. They mention various techniques to make teaching engaging than a tedious job to earn grades. They cover topics such as project-based learning, student engagement, technology integration, and more.

8. No time for flashcards

We have found the best educational blogs for children who are preschoolers and young elementary students. The blog has many activities that are related to arts and crafts for helping in the teaching process. It not only focuses on academia but also the personal and developmental skills of the child. Developmental skills such as motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity, etc. are emphasized and targeted with craft books.

All of these blogs are the perfect educational blogs for you and your children. You can surf through them all, or chose your holy grail blogs and stick to them. This will depend on your needs, and how much can you relate to the content presented in the blogs. We are curious to know, which blog are you tempted to peek at first?

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