Why Should Every Kid Learn to Code?

Why Should Your kids learn to code?

The answer to why should kids learn to code is, it can improve the creativity, problem-solving, and project management skills of your child.

Why is Coding a big deal?

It is going to be a basic literacy requirement of the 21st century. The world is controlled by technology- Even traditional fields like farming, healthcare, transportation, etc are being automated and transformed by technology at an increasing rate. Not only new jobs are going to be created in Robotics, Genetics, AI, Automation but also,  every field will have jobs that require expertise in technology.

Coding is the new Math

In the 20th century, everyone had to learn Math irrespective of how much you use it daily. Similarly, in the 21st century, it will be helpful for your kids to gain an elementary understanding of Coding even if they don’t pursue computer programming jobs in the future.

Changes in education policies around the world.

  1. In Estonia, a tiny country in Europe, the birthplace of Skype started teaching coding to its first graders.
  2. British schools have started teaching coding as well as programming for children from the age of 5.
  3. Australia added coding to its Digital Technologies curriculum for children age 7+.

Till now, 15+ European countries have added Coding to their official school curriculum.

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Why Should Your kids learn to code?

Coding boosts a kid’s thinking

Coding develops important skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning. These are essential for any job in life. It enhances a child’s creativity.

Coding is fun

When you know how to code, you can create websites, mobile apps, games, and even robots. Ain’t that cool?

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