What to Do When Children Lie & Why Do They Lie?

What to Do When Children Lie & Why Do They Lie?

What to do when children lie & why do they lie?

Most kids up to the age of 10 years tend to lie as they are in the developmental stage of life. They are developing language skills, moral values, social skills, communication skills, etc. In this process, kids come up with creative ways to lie, in order to avoid getting into any trouble.

Most common things kids lie about:

1) I finished my homework.
2) I ate my lunch in school.
3) I did not eat the cookies.
4) I feel sick.
5) I didn’t do it.

The quality of being honest is the foundation of building trust in relationships. So, it is very important to understand why your child is lying.

What to do when children lie?

1. Help them understand the difference between the truth and a lie

Explain the effects of a lie and the importance of telling the truth. Tell them how truth makes a person better and lies cause trouble.

2. Read stories to teach about honesty

Reading stories such as ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ and ‘Pinocchio’ will help them realize the importance of being honest at a very young age.

3. Explain the difference between fantasy and reality

Kids have a wild imagination and can come up with various made-up stories based on the things or characters they see. Teach them the difference between fantasy and reality.

4. Praise your child if he/she is being honest

Encourage your child to be honest by appreciating when he/she tells the truth finally.

5. Have a very friendly relationship with your kids

When you are your kid’s best friend, they will not hesitate in telling you the truth. If they are scared of you, they may turn to lies to escape you reprimands.

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