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What to Do When Children Lie?

What to Do When Children Lie?

Why do kids lie? Most kids up to the age of 10 years tend to lie as they are in the developmental stage of life. They are developing language skills, moral values, social skills, communication skills, etc. In this process, kids come up with creative ways to lie, in order to avoid getting into any […]

6 Tips To Tame Your Toddler Tantrums

6 Tips To Tame Your Toddler’s Tantrums

Sometimes, it can be difficult to handle your toddler tantrums. Use these tips to deal with your little one’s emotional outbursts. Tips to handle toddler tantrums: 1. Give plenty of positive attention Reward your little one with praise and attention for positive behavior. When they will know what a positive behavior is, it will result […]