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What to Do When Children Lie & Why Do They Lie?

What to Do When Children Lie & Why Do They Lie?

What to do when children lie & why do they lie? Most kids up to the age of 10 years tend to lie as they are in the developmental stage of life. They are developing language skills, moral values, social skills, communication skills, etc. In this process, kids come up with creative ways to lie, […]

How to Teach Your Toddler to Talk

How to Teach Your Toddler to Talk

To teach your toddler to talk is a very important part of language development. The best method to make your child talk is to interact more but in a natural way. Here are some tips for you to get the conversation started: 7 Tips for you to teach your toddlers to talk: 1. Add on to what […]

How to Deal with Shyness in Children

How to Deal with Shyness in Children

What causes shyness in children? All children have different personality traits. Some kids develop shyness while growing up as they become very sensitive to social gatherings. They may feel anxious and uncomfortable while interacting with many people in an event. How to deal with shyness in children? Shy children can be taught to become more confident […]

6 Ways to Ensure Healthy Social Development of a Child

Social Development of a Child

We all want our kiddos to be able to express themselves fully wherever they go. That is why the social development of a child is essential, then their well-developed social skills will take them a long way ahead in their life. Right now, your life revolves around them. But soon, their life is going to […]

Why Your Kid is Always So Irritated?

When your child is young, he or she will express their emotions through their facial expressions and intensity of crying. As such, it’s normal to have your child be a little fussy and cry when something is uncomfortable in his or her environment. If you are wondering why is my child fussy? Then, you will […]

Maintaining Sleep Schedule & Its Importance

Sleep is essential for mental growth as well as physical growth. We have spent many sleepless nights pondering over the dreamland of sleep. Sleep is especially essential for children. The children have to be tamed into an ideal sleeping schedule for the children since their early childhood. A child needs about 11-12 hours of sleep […]

11 Tips on How to Babyproof Your House?

Before your little one arrives, you will store away the objects that can harm them. These include storing away of heavy objects, showpieces made of glass, inflammable objects, weapons, etc. But does this complete the babyproof checklist? Is there something more you can do too? Parents who are welcoming their first child often wonder how […]

Signs of Depression in Children and How to Help

Children are at an age wherein they throw tantrums often, and quite boisterously. This is why when there are any sudden mood changes, parents cannot identify it. It is difficult for parents to differentiate between depression with children and a random blue mood. Children also don’t act similarly to adults who are suffering from depression. […]

Why Does Your Kid Cry A Lot?

When you tell a child no for buying something they point at, before going to school, for taking a shower, etc. in all these situations children are bound to cry, and it’s completely normal. But what if your child cries all the time? Is he or she crying at playschool? At home? In the park? […]

11 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

An everyday struggle that parents face with kids is to get them to eat their veggies. Parents are on the hunt for new ways to get kids to eat vegetables. The kids always make a face and say no for eating veggies. If you put the vegetables in their dish, they very conveniently separate it […]