How to Deal with Shyness in Children

How to Deal with Shyness in Children

What causes shyness in children?

All children have different personality traits. Some kids develop shyness while growing up as they become very sensitive to social gatherings. They may feel anxious and uncomfortable while interacting with many people in an event.

How to deal with shyness in children?

Shy children can be taught to become more confident and comfortable in such situations. Here’s how you can deal with shyness in children:

5 Tips to help you reduce shyness in children:

1. Give them time

Make your kids comfortable by allowing them to play on their own. Once they are more familiar with the people and surroundings, they will start interacting slowly. Pushing them without their consent will lead to anxiety.

2. Prepare at home

Explain what they are about to experience and create excitement before going out. If it doesn’t work as planned, do not show your nervousness, just be calm and confident.

3. Encourage them

When your kids don’t interact with others, do not say that they are shy. Instead, say that they take a little while to be comfortable.

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4. Appreciate their actions

If your child responds or even smiles at others, appreciate them and tell them that they should do it more often.

5. Join a good preschool

Look for a preschool where your child can get better attention from the teacher. Let the teacher know about your child’s shyness. They would take the right steps and also let you know about the progress of your child.

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