How to Teach Your Toddler to Talk

How to Teach Your Toddler to Talk

To teach your toddler to talk is a very important part of language development. The best method to make your child talk is to interact more but in a natural way. Here are some tips for you to get the conversation started:

7 Tips for you to teach your toddlers to talk:

1. Add on to what your baby says

To keep the conversation going, keep expanding on your child’s words and short sentences. If your child says “Dog”, complete their sentence by saying, “Yes, that’s a brown dog”. Feel free to ask questions too!

2. Read picture books

Teach Your Toddler to Talk

Read out a picture book by saying the words loudly and pointing at the objects. After reading, flip through the book again and ask your child to tell you what happened.

3. Ask questions with choices

A question like, “Do you want a red ball or green ball?” gives your toddler a chance to speak. They will have to choose one of the options and say it out loud.

4. Talk a lot throughout the day

Try to talk to your toddler all day in some way or the other. Give simple instructions such as, “Pick up the ball and throw it to me” or “Bend down and touch your toes.”

5. Make your toddler feel confident

Whenever your child attempts to speak, saying good things will encourage them to speak more. Never show disappointment if your child refuses to say new words, instead appreciate them for trying.

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6. Nursery rhymes

Listening to nursery rhymes is a classic way to improve communication and language skills as they are filled with rhyming words and repetitions. KidloLand has 130+ popular and interactive nursery rhymes!

7. Meeting other kids

Teach Your Toddler to Talk

When your child hears other kids of their age talking, they will be inspired to join in. Plus, your little one needs time to practice their conversation skills with his/her peers and make friends easily.

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