How to Teach a Child to Share

How to Teach a Child to Share

Sharing is an essential life skill that every child must learn. Toddlers generally take time for a clear understanding of this concept. Learn how to teach a child to share with these helpful tips.

Teach a Child to Share

1. Take Turns

Take a toy and say, “It’s my turn to play.” Then, give it to your child and say, “Now it’s your turn to play.” This game will make your child understand that the toy will come back to him/her.

2. Model sharing behavior

Kids learn what they see. If you are eating a cookie, break a piece, and give it to the child. Explain that you would love to share with him/her.

3. Praise your child

Whenever your child shares something with you or their friends or siblings, praise them for their behavior.

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4. Don’t label things

When you buy a new toy, tell your kids that it is for everyone to play together. Labelling a toy as “Mine” or “Yours” will create the impression in the child’s mind that it is exclusively for themselves.

5. Time it

Set a timer for kids to play with a toy. In this way, every kid will get an equal chance to play. It will also encourage patience in the child.

6. Take toys along

While visiting a friend’s home, ask your child to carry a few toys along so that they can exchange them with their friend’s toys for some time.

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