5 Coding Activities to Teach Your Child About Coding

When the parents were young, they would learn how to play outside, and to help around the house. The millennial these days are however taught coding. And this is appropriate as seen by anyone who has seen a toddler operate a phone. They would know more features, uses, and customizable settings than the parents themselves.

There are also more jobs and syllabus of the schools that are tilting more toward STEM. This is why parents often search for activities to teach coding for kids. This is what I have done. You can read on, and find out 5 fun activities that will teach coding to your child.

By the time they will start to attend school, they will be tech-savvy and much better at it than any adult!

Coding activities for kids:

1. Cards

A deck of cards can help your kids to learn to code, and for that, you will have to make a grid by laying the cards face down. This is one of the best activities for coding as it allows the children to learn debugging and critical thinking as well. The kid needs to take a robot and guide it out of the grid by using commands and orders. They need to give commands in advance and if they make a mistake, they can try to apply the principles of debugging.

2. Programming for kids

If you are searching for coding activities for kids that don’t involve text but only coding logic, then you can try our programming for kids game. The game involves solving puzzles such as connect the dots to learn how to code. The coding techniques that the child learns through this game are command sequencing, functions, and loops, etc.

3. Hotwheels

Teaching your kid coding in a fun manner has become easy with this activity. Take some tape and make a complicated grid on the floor. Place all the Hotwheels cars at the start line. In the middle of the grid, randomly stick red chart paper. This will be the hot lava. Ask your kid to pass the cars through the grid till the endpoint so that it will not pass the hot lava. For this, they have to command the cars in coding language. They get brownie points if they give commands in advance.

4. Online game

You can try our games for coding which is one of the best and fun activities to teach coding. It involves games wherein the player has to be a firefighter, dentist, etc. to solve puzzles. By the time they cross further levels, their coding skills will get advanced.

5. Water balloons

This is an outdoor activity. For this, you can draw an 8 x 8 grid with chalk. Fill some boxes with color. These are the water blaster zones. The kids have to direct their friends to the end by giving coding language. If they land on the water blaster, then they can shoot their friends with water balloons.

You can try to teach children coding with fun coding activities online. They will love to play games online, plus they will always love you for giving them screen time. You can use their freedom of screen time for better activities.

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