Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Addition & Subtraction

Math activities for kids

If you are tired of surfing the net and Pinterest for fun and interactive activities for your child to learn addition and subtraction, then you have come to the right place. Math activities for kids aren’t as easy initially as they will become later. They will eventually be able to solve problems mentally as well as quicker. Rather than constricting their knowledge to schools and teachers, you can also teach your child how to add and subtract the numbers by replacing them with different objects. Addition and subtraction strategies are to be taught every day for them to learn.

But will your kid play the same games again? Will they study from the same worksheet every day? Of course, not. This is why as parents; you have to invent new fun activities to teach addition and subtraction. I have listed many activities that you can choose from and can practice with your kid every day. Read on, and you will understand what the best method is to teach your child maths.

Math Activities for Kids to teach addition and subtraction:

1. Bowling pins

Set up the bowling pins in your hall. To teach kids addition and subtraction teaching methods, give them a ball. Let them bowl and ask them how many pins are left standing. Ask them (10-xyz=?). This will help them in learning to count easily while playing with their friends.

2. Cards

Place the placards all over the house. On the placards, write equations and ask the child to count them on their fingers. Place them on the refrigerator, on their play station, TV, and books. Only when they have solved the equation, they will be able to use these appliances. This will teach them counting before doing any activity they love.

3. Online games

Math activities for kids

If you are looking for fun math activities for kids online, then you can try our Math Games for Kids & Addition and Subtraction games. There are over 350 games that will help your child to learn to count quickly and faster.

4. Storytime

When your child is spending quality time with you or before bedtime or even while doing chores, you can tell them maths word problems in the form of a story. An example of the story can be “a family is sitting on a table and eating the watermelon. There were a total of 6 pieces and 4 were eaten, how many are left?” this will capture their attention and teach them calculation.

5. Math games

Math activities for kids

One of the best math activities for kids is playing our maths games. Whether your child is a toddler or a child, he or she will find interactive and plenty of different games to teach them addition and subtraction. The games are also very colorful which will stimulate the child’s brain.

You can try both the offline and addition and subtraction activities online so that your child can practice the calculation every day. This everyday practice will enable them to study and master maths quickly. You can also throw a surprise question their way by asking to solve a math problem; if they answer it correctly, shower them with praises, hugs, and kisses.

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