Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

Ways to Help Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

For your child to be able to communicate beyond the toddler adorable gibberish, they will have to learn vocabulary. To build your child’s vocabulary, they will have to be taught via different games for kids. They will never willingly sit with you and glance through the books and increase their base.

As a parent, you understand the importance of communication and building a base of vocabulary. You can play both online and offline games with them to build their vocabulary. If you are confused as to which games to play for building the vocabulary of your child, then you can read on and try to experiment with the vocabulary builder games that I will list.

Games for developing kid’s vocabulary:

1. Point around

You can take your child to every room of your house, to the grocery store, and for a short walk outside in the neighborhood. You will point at certain objects, and they have to name every one of them. If they successfully name it, then they get one point. For the ones they don’t know or get wrong, you can correct them. This will help them learn new words that they will use in daily life.

2. Word search

You can try our games to improve vocabulary, i.e. the word search game. This game will have some words listed below and a maze of letters above. The child has to find the words and select them by dragging their fingers across the letters. This will include new words in their vocabulary, and you can encourage them to ask you the meanings of the words they don’t know.

3. Mimic actions

This is a traditional and classic vocabulary builder game for kids. Take a bowl and a few chits of papers. Write some verbs such as “eat, sing, write, dance, etc.” on the chits and place it in the bowl. Your kid and you can take turns in picking out the chits and acting out the action of the verb. If you guess the verb, you get one point.

4. Guess the word

If you want to build vocabulary for kids, then you can try our guess the word game. The game will give the child some letters and space to fill the letters. The child has to see the jumbled letters and make words from the same. The words are kept easy for the children.

5. See it, say it and write it

One of the best vocabulary builder games for kids. Prepare a treasure hunt for your children. After reaching the destination of each clue, they will get a word. They have to see the word, say the word, and then write the word. After they have finished this, they can get the next clue. The final clue can lead to a prize.

These games for building the vocabulary for the children will improve their vocabulary, as well as keep them busy during the day. They will learn something new every day without throwing a tantrum or crying or whining about more study time and less playtime.

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