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How Art is Helpful for Kids

How Art is Helpful for Kids

When people ask about how art is helpful for kids? We say Art is something that everyone enjoys doing. Art develops all the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste – depending on the activity. Art is medium to express imagination and technical skills. Children connect with different colors and designs quickly. Art is […]

How to Help Your Child Find His or Her Interests and Hobbies

Children are one day interested in experimenting, whereas, the next day they are ditching it for learning an instrument. Their interests and hobbies are as fleeting as their thoughts. With them being so indecisive, how to find a child’s hobbies? This is always at the forefront of the parent’s mind. You could also wonder why […]

10 Arts & Crafts Activities To Do In A Lockdown

Children are the ones that get most anxious and antsy if they are requested to stay at home for longer periods. You need to placate them with daily surprising activities. But thinking of new activities every day is easier said than done, right? Hence, here I have listed 10 craft activities online as well as […]