How Do You Discipline a Child Who Doesn’t Listen?

Disciplining a child for certain good behaviors is what parents are always striving for. Yet, at times, your child won’t listen to you. Parents take it as a form of disrespect and either lash out on the child or enforce very strict rules. This will frustrate the child and make them irritated with their parents. It is hard for parents to see that a video game, new toy, etc. become more important than what they have to say.

Parents need to realize that children don’t mean it as a sign of disrespect. Sometimes they are going through a rebellious phase, whereas other time there is a communication gap. Yet, the one rule of parenting is to discipline child. But what if they keep ignoring you? How then will you instill good behaviors in your child?

You can read on, and get to know the tips to discipline a child who doesn’t listen. You can apply these tips, and it will reduce the friction between you and your child.

Tips to discipline a child who doesn’t listen:

1. Choose the right time

It is an incorrect time to discipline kids when they are in the middle of a task. They will tend to ignore easily to score a virtual touchdown. Hence, consider the timing of your talk. Chose a time when your child is most likely to listen to you than a time that is convenient for you. You can ask them when next will they take a break and then talk to them. If they are free, you will have their undivided attention.

2. Repeating what is said

One of the tips to disciple kids is to ask them to repeat what you told them. If they would have been distracted, you will know as they won’t be able to repeat what you said. This will also help you in understanding what exactly your child understands when you were speaking; if the message received is perceived wrong, you can always make it clearer.

3. Physical contact

When you wish to discipline toddlers, your words will be more effective if you gently touch their shoulder or put your arm around them. They will listen more attentively and they will feel your love, support, and care. A gentle touch can turn an admonishing into your guidance to the child.

4. Incentive

The number one tips to disciple a toddler is to offer incentives that are easy when they do something correctly. For example, if you wish for them to watch less TV and read more, if without complaint and prompt they shut the TV and pick up the book to read, you can treat them to some dessert or let them watch 10 minutes extra TV the next day. This will help to reinforce good behaviors.

5. Pick and choose

While disciplining a child, there will be many behaviors and responses that you would like to mold into a good behavior of the child. But while setting the rules, don’t make it strict and authoritative, cut them some slack too. Finishing homework every day before playing is important and needs to be included in the rules but leaving the food container on the kitchen island isn’t very important. Pick and choose which battle you wish to fight today; the least urgent can be saved for another day.

6. Communicate better

If you feel that your child not listing is a sign of disrespect, then you too need to listen to them and show them respect. The guide to discipline kids tips is to listen to them for them to listen to you. Only when they see their parents listening to their needs, demands, and problems, will they actively try and learn to listen to you more attentively. They will also imitate and model what their parents do, and as such you need to show them the value and practice of interpersonal relationship communication.

The key to discipline toddler tips is communication. Sometimes it comes easy, and at times it will become difficult. Try to make your child understand the reason behind your discipline rules than asking them to follow it. When they know the logic behind something, they will understand and implement it in their daily life regularly and faster.

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