7 Tips to Stop Toddler Tantrums

7 Tips to Stop Toddler Tantrums

Temper tantrums of your toddler start with crying and finish by screaming or start by screaming and stop at crying. They happen at a time that you wish your child would behave well. Children have a habit of having temper tantrums when you meet someone, go out, or go shopping. This makes parents wonder, how to stop toddler tantrums altogether.

As parents, understanding the cause of temper tantrums can make us more sympathetic towards our child than frustrated. When your child is a toddler, they cannot express what is causing them discomfort in words. Hence, they resort to temper tantrums, as it is the only way they can make their parents understand what is happening to them. Temper tantrum toddler only starts when they realize they can’t control their environment.

If you wish to stop the temper tantrums, then you can read on, and know the 7 tips to stop toddler tantrums.

7 Tips to stop toddler tantrums:

1. Encourage positive behavior

A child will not understand what positive behavior is and what is bad behavior. Try to acknowledge and praise your child for their positive behavior. When they will know what a positive behavior is, it will result in an immediate temper tantrum stop.

2. Control over the environment

If you wish to stop temper tantrum, then you can offer your child little control over their daily life. You can present them with choices regarding their food, toys, clothes, etc. When to provide your child with anything is your call, but what they choose can be theirs. This will restore their faith that they can control their environment.

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When you walk past the toy aisle, this is when the tantrum of your child will be at its peak. One of the best tips to stop temper tantrums is to keep the toy aisle out of their sight. When the desired object is out of sight, they will not ask for it. And it will reduce your struggle with your child.

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4. Distraction

Toddlers have a short attention span, and you can use this to deal with temper tantrum toddler. You can distract your child with something else than the object they want to have. You can even take them out of the house or take them into another room of the house. This will help them to calm down and be distracted with other stimuli.

5. New skills

As parents, you would want the temper tantrum toddler to stop. For this, you can introduce them to new skills. When they are successful in a task, praise them to increase their confidence, and encourage them to participate in more challenging tasks. Always remember to start with small tasks and then gradually move towards the more challenging ones.

6. Consider the request

The easiest way to stop temper tantrum toddler is by giving them what they want. Consider their request; sometimes it is reasonable, as well as do-able. If it’s not a big thing, then give in and see your child squeal with unbridled joy.

7. Child’s limits

One of the best tips to stop temper tantrum toddler is to know their limits. Children often throw tantrums when they don’t get enough sleep or food. If they are tired and wish to sleep, it is a bad time to get them on their feet for shopping. Take them out when they are refreshed and in a good mood. If your child sleeps in the afternoon, then it’s best to avoid plans with them in the afternoon.

When you will understand the discomfort and source of frustration of your child, dealing with temper tantrum becomes easier. As they grow older and can be verbose about their problems, the tantrums will reduce and stopped completely. Which tips for toddler temper tantrum will you try the next time your child throws a tantrum?

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