Memory Games to Play With Your Kids to Improve Their Memory

Children are like a sponge, the more you soak them in knowledge, the more they will absorb. It’s during their early years of development that they need most knowledge. Their brain develops every day and you need to provide a stimulus that will help them to grow and develop more.

The memory of the child is related to their vocabulary. So, if you wish for them to retain what they learn, you can try to play memory games online with them. You can read on, and find out the many different games you can try with your kid today!

Memory games for kids:

1. Card games

Cards are a fun game, as well as boost the memory power of the kid. This is one of the best memory games to play; for this, all you need is 1 deck of 52 cards. You can play the game wherein every player gets an equal distribution of the cards. The card has to be served in the center face up. When someone gets the same card as that of the pile of cards, that person wins.

2. Online brain game


For providing an environment and stimulation for increased memory and other developments of the brain such as focus, retention, coordination, etc. we have designed brain games for kids. You can play a memory game online wherein you have to solve multiple puzzles that will help with your kid’s memory power. The puzzle includes matching the objects, finding the odd man out, solving puzzles using logical reasoning, etc. The game is designed to be fun and interactive for your kid.

3. Coin game

In this kid’s memory game, you will need cloth, coins, and a timer. You can lay the cloth down and place 5-6 coins on it. The coins can be arranged by their face value, size, number, etc. Cover the coins with the cloth and shuffle them. Ask the players to place the coins in the same order as they saw before. You can check the timer and the one who solved it correctly and quickly wins.

4. Cups

This is by far one of the best games for kids’ memory, and all you need are 3 cups and a small ball or coin. You can place the coin on the table and place three inverted cups in a line. The coin should be under one of the cups. Then, shuffle the glasses on the table and ask the player which glass has the coin under it. The one who answers correctly wins.

5. Memory games

This game for kids’ memory is an application developed by us. The application has many games online that the kids can play. The best part of the game is the variety and diversity. Rather than playing one game repetitively, you get to play different levels and solve puzzles with it. The game is colorful, vibrant, and will also help your kid to learn new words.

You can play these memory games online or find kids memory games offline. Both of them will only help your children learn new skills, talents, games, and the ability to retain it efficiently for longer periods. You can play these games with them every day for half an hour during their break or on the weekends.

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