Breathing Exercises for Kids

breathing exercise for kids

Breathing exercises help us to regulate our body functions as well as help us to connect our mind and body. It is practiced for healthy digestion, calm state of mind, to keep anger and anxiety away, etc. Breathing exercises kids are healthy as a good habit nurtured today will be carried in their adult life as well. Kids are also very impulsive and energetic, and this energy can be put to productive use due to breathing exercises. Read on, and you will know some of the best breathing exercises for children.

Breathing exercises for kids:

1. Calming exercise

Children are quick to understand emotions but they don’t know how to channel and express the same. To practice the flow of positive emotions and energy in your child, one of the best breathing exercises children is deep breathing. They can inhale a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds, and exhale.

2. Dragon breathing

This breathing exercise toddler is done when the weather outside is cold. The dragon breath will warm up the body and your child can easily sustain in a cold environment. For this, your child will sit straight. Inhale a deep breath and hold. While exhaling he or she will stick out their tongue and exhale. This will warm up their body.

3. Cooldown breath

If your child has anxiety or has pent up anger, then this breathing exercise for kids will help them to cool down. For this, your child will sit straight but have a relaxed shoulder. They will roll their tongue like a taco. If your child can’t roll it, then ask him or her to roll it the natural way. Then, breathe in through the tongue and exhale via the nose. This will immediately calm your child.

4. Partner exercise

The breathing exercise toddler can be done together with the parents. It will forge a stronger mental and spiritual bond, as well as allow you to spend quality time. The child can sit straight, and the parent will sit behind the child. The parent’s chest should touch the child’s back. When you take deep breaths and exhale, feel the movement of each other’s body. This will also help your child be good at team activities and will be able to bond easily with a new friend.

5. Train breath

When you ask toddler what is the breathing exercise for a train; they will start exhaling the breath in quick succession. That is exactly what this breathing exercise for toddler is. These quick exhaling of the breath will energize your child and they will be fresh throughout the day.

6. Soft toy breathing exercise

In these children’s breathing exercises, your child will lie down on the floor on their back. Place a stuffed animal on their stomach. They will see the toy move up and down with each breath that they take. This exercise is to be done after the day is finished to calm down and relax.

These toddler breathing exercises are healthy and easily practiced without any tools. Which exercises will you try with your toddler today?

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