How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Toddlers?

How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Toddlers?

Toddlers are not easy to predict, and when it comes to the eating patterns, your toddler can be the most enigmatic person in your house. You can run behind them tying to inculcate some healthy habits for them when it comes to eating, but either they will hide in the bathroom or scrunch up their nose in disgust and turn their face away. Toddles can be very strong when they wish to resist eating something.

One day your toddler might follow the healthy habit for eating, but the next day he or she will stuff candies in his or her mouth. What they like today may not be liked tomorrow. As such, parents are always worried about feeding their toddlers enough amounts of nutrition, as well as to ensure that they eat well.

If you wish to know how you can encourage your toddle to eat healthily, then read on, as I have listed the 8 ways you can get your toddler to have healthy eating habits.

Encouraging toddlers to eat healthy:

1. Serving

Toddlers have one of the best eating habits, and that is to eat as much is required.

Toddlers can easily tell when their body doesn’t need food and when it does. Serve them small portions, which they can repeat. But, don’t stuff heaps of food that they will eventually not eat.

2. Patience

When you will start the journey of good eating habits toddler, you will have to be patient. They may reject the vegetables you are offering, and throw the food dish away. But, after some time, they will try it. Be patient, and gently urge them to try out a bite of the healthy food.

3. Grocery shopping

Encourage Healthy Eating in Toddlers

The next time you go grocery shopping, take your toddler with you. Your toddler is more likely to indulge in healthy eating if he or she themselves pick out the fruits and vegetables. Prepare the items that they have helped you choose.

Your toddler is more likely to indulge in healthy eating if he or she themselves pick out the fruits and vegetables.

4. Funny food

If you want your baby to be a healthy eating toddler, then make the food fun. Rather than arranging the vegetables neatly, arrange them to resemble cartoons, smileys, etc. If their food is fun, they tend to eat it first.

5. Options

A toddler eating vegetables is made easier by offering them a choice. Ask them which vegetable they would prefer to eat today. Ultimately, they are eating healthy, but they choose what healthy item they will eat that day.

6. Old and new

A toddler eating their favorites every day is not a new thing, and you can use it to make them eat healthy food. Offer a side salad with a dish that they like to eat. When you mix the old food with the new healthy options, they will eat it with little fuss. You can also replace some ingredients with the new healthy ones.

Offer a healthy salad with a dish that they like to eat. When you mix healthy food with the food they like, they’ll eat it with little fuss.

7. Dips

Encourage Healthy Eating in Toddlers

If you want your toddler to eat healthy food, then offer some tasty dips with healthy food. Every food becomes tasty after dipping it into a sauce. The dip can be of their favorite flavor, to make them eat the vegetables faster.

8. Set an Example

Your toddler will only follow eating healthy habits when he or she will see you eating healthy. Be a good example, and serve yourself the same serving as your toddler. Whether it’s vegetables or a cheat meal, they will eat with little reluctance when they see their parents eating the same dish.

The constant struggle to get your toddler to follow healthy eating habits can be lessened with these tips. Which one will you follow today?

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