7 Tips on How to Make Your Toddlers Sleep Easily

How to Make Your Toddlers Sleep Easily

Toddlers need adequate sleep due to their daily actions. Your toddler doesn’t know it, but they need their sleep. Some kids seem to be born as “good” sleepers, and some aren’t.

The good news is, falling asleep is a habit, and all kids can learn it. It may take some time to develop that habit, but your child can learn to put themselves to sleep. Here’s how:

How to Make Your Toddlers Sleep Easily

1. Make the atmosphere calm in the evening

If your toddler was fully energized throughout the day, you cannot expect them to go to sleep immediately when you say it is bedtime. Try to make the last few hours before bed calm and quiet.

2. Follow the same evening routine

Set a proper timetable that will make it easier for you. Dinner, bath, bedtime stories, a good night kiss, prayers or blessings, lights out, some lullabies, is an example of a common and effective routine. Don’t think of bedtime as a chore that’s taking too much time, think of it as the best part of the day, when you get some quality time with your little one.

3. Help your toddler set their “Biological clock”

Toddlers need a set time to go to bed every night so that their body begins to expect sleep. Most of the toddlers do better when they sleep early. The best time for a toddler to sleep is by 7:30 PM. The more you push the bedtime, the more they stress themselves.

4. Set a nice cozy environment

Children go through normal sleep cycles in which they wake slightly and then settle into deep sleep again. Your goal is to ensure that discomfort doesn’t wake your child during those periods of slight waking. If your toddler kicks his covers off, make sure he/she sleeps in warm PJs with feet.

5. Read bedtime stories or sing lullabies

How to Make Your Toddlers Sleep Easily

Reading bedtime stories or singing lullabies with help your child to sleep peacefully. KidloLand has a special collection of bedtime stories, bedtime rhymes, and lullabies.

You can try our apps such as Bedtime Stories & Kidloland & have a fun time with your kids.

6. Make sure they get enough fresh air and exercise

Kids really do sleep more soundly when they get more outdoor play. Laughter is essential because it reduces the stress hormones. Play an exciting game to get them laughing before dinner.

7. Teach new sleeping habits to your toddler

If you’ve been helping your child fall asleep with nursing or rocking, then when they wake normally, they are likely to look for you, because they need to be nursed or rocked again to fall back asleep. Try giving up this habit slowly and make them sleep without your help.

Hope these tips will help you and your toddler to fall asleep easily.

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