How to Help Kids Learn Math

How to Help Kids Learn Math

Parents often wonder why their child is having a hard time learning math. Math is surely a difficult subject to understand. It might have been your dreaded subject as well. That does not mean it should be a dreaded subject for your kids.

Math is all about understanding concepts, memorizing them, and using them accordingly. You might have found it nearly impossible to get your kid to work on their math homework. You can help your children get the best from math with few tips and a positive attitude.

Help your kids learn math:

1. Understand what they find difficult

It is very important to know where your kid faces difficulty. Teaching them without understanding their problem can cause more confusion. Be patient. Listen to their point of view towards getting the answer. Instead of applying your method understand their thinking and guide them accordingly.

2. Learn math before you teach

A clear and steady base helps a building stand straight and tall. Math consists of a lot of concepts which needs to be clear from the basic. Right concepts are to be used in the right places. Having knowledge of math concepts is very important for you to teach them to your kids. Refresh your knowledge on the topic to teach better.

3. Keep calm

Math is a conceptual subject. Understanding math concepts or making someone understand them can be frustrating. This frustration might end up in a pool of tears from both you and your kid. To avoid that keep yourself calm. Take a break. Come back with a fresh mind and start again. Learning something with a fresh mind is fruitful.

4. Learn through music and games

‘Mathematics is the music of reason’ – James Joseph Sylvester.

Anything that is learned through music and games is instilled in our memory for a longer period of time. You must have observed that your child learns a song lyrics much faster than mathematical formulas. Make sure that math practice seems enjoyable. Learn math through games and music, it is less pressurizing. It also improves a child’s understanding of numbers and reduces math anxiety.

5. Let them teach you

How to Help Kids Learn Math

Show your interest in their math studies. Ask them to explain it you what they have learned. Do the incorrect math and let them correct you. Allow them to tell you their method of getting the correct answer. Saying out loud what they have learned helps a lot of kids to understand better. Sometimes you might get help in figuring out some things.

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