How to Keep Kids Active During Summer Break

It’s summertime! Kids are finally free and all that they can see around is ‘free time!’. We know that summer vacations are extremely crucial for your kids, to relax and to grow. They have ample time to explore deeply and learn about the different aspects of life, outside the school curriculum.

Keeping this in mind, here is a list of exciting summer activities for your kids, to make the most of their free time.

1. ‘Waste’ern Art

Every child is an artist and art can unveil tremendous amount of imagination and creativity from your little genius’ brain. Challenge them to create interesting stuff from waste. Provide them with glue, scissors, tapes, paints etc. but let them collect the required waste material. See how their creativity and ideas translate into amazing masterpieces and creative products. The internet can also be of great help here.

2. Look what you cook!

Most kids do not know where the food on their plate comes from. It will be fun for them to trace back the food’s journey. We mean, start right from the farm. Visit a nearby farm and show them how the basic foodgrains originate. If that’s too far, involve them in gardening and plantation activities and let them see their food grow. Make them witness and practice the hard work that goes into bringing food to the plate and they will never waste food again.

3. Master a new sport

When kids have a lot of free time, it’s natural for them to become sluggish and pass away the time lazying around. Enroll them in some sports training. This will keep them charged up while increasing their stamina and focus. Preferably an indoor sport during the day and an outdoor one in the evening would help in summers. You never know, this might open many new doors for them in the sports field.

4. Develop communication skills

Soft skills play a massive role in the success of any person and effective communication ability is one of the most important soft skills. Watching as well as participating in drama, attending creative writing or public speaking workshops, etc can be some of the ways. Summers are filled with such courses which can help to polish your children’s communication abilities.

5. Camp in nature

Summer nature camps will help your kids reconnect with nature along with making new friends. Climb mountains, sleep under the stars, warm up in front of the camp-fire, chase butterflies. Such camps can give a wonderful chance to bond with nature, completely away from the hustle of the city life. Ensure that you send them to trusted camp organizers.

6. Learn a musical instrument

Music is magic! Giving life to good music is an exceptional quality. Learning a musical instrument will also help develop the overall learning capacity of your children, in a very creative way. Music is a huge stress buster. It will also make them emotionally strong by helping them express their soul through music!

7. Read a good book

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Let your children explore the amazing world hidden between the pages of an incredible book. A good book can become your children’s best friend and can guide them throughout their life. Summer breaks can be the best time expose your children to books and instill the divine habit of reading. Fiction, mystery, adventure, horror, action and many more options are available for tackling your child’s imagination through books.

8. Join an NGO

Our society is highly imbalanced. Working on-field with an NGO can be a good way to make your children aware of their responsibilities towards our society. The most important thing that they will learn is ‘Empathy’. It will also contribute towards developing their leadership skills, management qualities and capabilities of working in a team. Take this little step so that your little one can march towards being an empathetic human being.

Summers are filled with opportunities for your kiddo to develop into a stronger, smarter, and kinder human. Without overloading them, try to expose them to these various activities which are packed with fun, adventure as well as knowledge. This summer, unlock this world of ‘learning outside the school’ for your all-rounder

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