Helping Children Love Their Differences

Helping Children Love Their Differences

Children often go up to their parents and ask why their friends have skin that is fairer or darker than them. They may ask their parents why my brother is shorter than me, or why am I taller than my sister. Children’s differences are what make them unique, but it’s hard for them to understand it. They may also compare themselves with others.

To prevent this, you can teach kids to love their kids’ differences. Each difference is unique to the person, and the child should be encouraged to make friends with everyone. A child also may ask the parent if they should make friends with someone who has blue eyes or dark eyes like him or her.

You can read on, and get to know many activities that will help your children love their differences.

Tips to help children love their differences:

1. Self-portrait

To encourage toddlers’ differences and learning to love them, you can ask your toddlers to take out their creative side. Toddlers are always waiting to take crayons and color their papers; give them a theme on the same. Sit with them and they can choose the different colors for their skin, hair, eyes, etc. These different colors will help them to acknowledge that everyone is unique.

2. Family survey

The way to love differences of kids, you can encourage your child to conduct family surveys. The family survey will help your child to ask questions about the similarities and differences of every member of the family. These similarities and differences will make your child understand that despite the differences, there is a possibility that they like the same things.

3. Family tradition and tree

To love differences toddler, the family tree is a fun and exciting activity for the toddler. The family tradition can be written down and explained to your kids. When you make a family tree, point out the differences and similarities of the different members, both close and distant.

4. Empathy

When you encourage your child to participate in activities to love differences, you need to focus on empathy. Sometimes your child will see someone being treated ill due to their differences, and they may not know how to react. Teach them to empathize and play some role-playing scenarios that will help them to understand how to react to such situations.

5. Focus on feelings

When children are participating in activities to love differences kids, their focus is on empathy, and the first thing you need to address is feelings. How does someone feel when they learn that they are different than the rest, and what can you say to make them feel good. Incidentally, it should also be taught what not to say to prevent your child from hurting someone’s feelings.

6. Role models

Activities to love differences toddler can have them watching videos and taking interviews of the diverse role models. Their role models can come from different backgrounds, different genders, race, skin color, etc. This will show them that there are many diverse people in the world and they can all be their role models.

We have listed many activities to love differences children, which one will you try first and today? Make the activities fun and spend quality time with your child.

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