Fun Weekend Activities For Kids

‘Weekend signals a fresh new start.’ – Anonymous

The weekend is coming and with it comes every parent’s usual dread. Like every time, you will search online for things to do on weekend: What to do this weekend with toddlers? How to make weekend fun for kids? Interesting and educational activities for toddlers?

Now, you don’t have to search anymore. You are receiving all your answers directly in your inbox.

Here are 4 amazing things you can do with your kids:

1. Community service

Volunteering for community service helps a child understand from an early age how their decisions – even the small ones – impacts the whole community. It develops basic skills like respect, gratitude, compassion, and sense of responsibility.

2. Reading sessions

Communication, as well as vocabulary skills, are strengthened through reading. There are many fun books and ebooks available for kids. Kidlo English has many simple, short and interactive stories. A fun-filled e-book for kids!

3. Brain development activities

A day spent doing fun intellectual activities with kids helps in creating a bond with them. Our Kidlo Coding app has 50+ games which develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking and concentration.

4. Enroll in a weekend workshop

Choose workshops which allow parents as well. Show your active participation in these workshops along with your kids. Motivate them to try everything.

Well, what are you waiting for then? Go and enjoy with your lovely kids. Come back and tell us how you spent your weekend!

Image Credit: kaenie, nickelbabe