7 Party Games for Kids Birthdays

7 Party Games for Kids Birthdays

Birthdays! Friends, fun, gifts, games, food. Kids simply love them! And, as their birthday approaches, children’s excitement levels spike up exponentially with each passing day. Kidlo recommends parents, 7 party games for kids birthdays to increase the fun.

Birthday parties are the mega-events in your little angel’s life. Along with having fun, the kiddos are also building up their circle of friends and learning social interactions. You definitely want to make each of their birthday parties happening and exciting!
To help you out a bit, here are some superb games ideas, to add some fun glitter to your kid’s special day.

7 Party Games for Kids Birthdays :

1. Balloon bounty

7 Party Games for Kids Birthdays

All kids sit in a circle and pass a balloon to the next person by tossing it in the air. Music keeps playing in the background and whenever it stops, the kid with the balloon must pop it. Inside the balloon, there will be a piece of paper hidden with a task written on it along with a small candy. Once the kid completes the task, the candy is the prize. Tasks can vary from raising your right hand correctly( for really small kiddos) to sing a rhyming song.

2. Pro-Toe

7 Party Games for Kids Birthdays

Fill a bowl with water and marbles and keep another empty bowl alongside it. Ask kids to come one by one and pick up marbles from the water bowl and transfer them into the dry bowl. It’s not easy as it sounds because they can do this using only their toes. Only the marbles collected successfully in the dry bowl will count for winning.

3. Freeze-unfreeze with the snowman

Turn on the music and ask everyone to dance along with it. As soon as the music stops, everyone is supposed to freeze and stand still. Not even eyeball movement is allowed! Now the birthday girl/ birthday boy is supposed to wear white clothes and be the snowman. The snowman will walk around in between the kids and try to make them laugh and move. Whoever moves within this one minute of freeze with the snowman, is out. After one minute, the snowman goes and everyone is free to unfreeze and dance again.

4. Spoon and the marble-paper

Spoon and the marble is a classic game but our little buddies find it a bit challenging to balance the marble all the way long. Hence, we replace the marble with- Marble paper! Roll a colored marble paper into a small pea-sized ball and place it in place of the marble. Whoever reaches the finish line first with the spoon and the paper intact, wins!


5. Stop and Drop

Children stand randomly and start dancing to the music playing in the background. They can stand at a place and dance or move around while dancing if they want. As soon as the music stops, the kids must stop dancing and sit on the floor. The last one to sit is out.

6. Feed the gorilla

Print an A2 sized, a front-facing picture of a gorilla with wide open mouth and stick it on a cardboard. Cut out its mouth area from the cardboard. Now, make many balls by crushing old newspapers into spheres. The balls should be small enough to pass through the mouth of the gorilla. Large enough for the kids to hold them and throw. You can either hang the gorilla cardboard in the air or balance it on the floor. And there we go! our set up is ready. Now ask the kids to come turn by turn and try to feed the gorilla with the balls from a distance. The kid who aims perfectly gets a point!

7. The Lucky wrap

Most kid parties end with handing over a little present as a return gift. Let’s make this handing over ritual a little exciting! Make kids sit in a circle. Keep everyone’s presents ready. But this time, wrap each present in multiple layers of gift wrapping papers of different colors. Now pass the present in the kiddo group. Every child opens up one layer of wrapping paper at a time and passes it ahead. The one who opens the last layer of wrapping paper keeps it!

As you plan out for all these activities, do not aim to handle this single-handedly. Managing so many kiddos at the same time can be overwhelming. Make sure you have adequate help from your family and friends. Such peppy parties, filled with so much fun are surely going to be stored in your little dumpling’s happy memories for life!

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