Find Your Child’s Interest in 4 Simple Steps (#3 is Important)

Finding your child’s interest can be a tedious task, especially when you don’t know how to go about it.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered as we have devised these 4 Steps (Phases) by which you can find out about your child’s interest:

Phase 1 – Build Knowledge

The first and most basic step is making your kid aware of different things such as sports, coloring, games, music, dancing etc. Remember this knowledge should be given in small doses so that the children don’t get confused.

Phase 2 – Provide Exposure

Once you think your kid has rudimentary knowledge about a particular thing, expose her to it, ie, make your child do that thing and your job now is to observe.

For this, there are some state-of-the-art applications that are designed by us to develop interest among kids by exposing them to fields such as coloring, story reading, kids coding, fun musical rhymes, puzzles games and many more categories.

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Phase 3 – Observe

This is an important step because most parents fail in this one. As a parent, you should always be observing your child instead of just watching your child.

We are always so concerned about our child’s safety that we forget to observe their talents.

So what’s the difference between observing and watching?

When you take your child out to play a sport, say soccer, your primary focus would be that your child doesn’t get hurt while playing. Although this is instinctive, you have to make sure that you also observe him because a parent knows best when a child is enjoying an activity or not.
By this, you will be able to determine whether your child really interested in that particular activity or not.

Phase 4 – Be Patient

Finding a child’s interest is not an easy task and parents have to really patient in this process as your child may change his interests time and again. But if you are observant enough, you would actually notice or find a pattern in the things your child is interested in.

Always remember, never force your child into liking something. Instead, follow this process and check the outcome. It may take time but at the end, it’s all about your kid’s interest and the happiness she finds in it.

So these are the steps that you could follow to find your child’s interest. I hope this will produce fruitful results and you will be successful in finding your child’s interest at an early age.

Image Credit: Design_Miss_C, picjumbo_com