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A complete learning program with over 3000 educational songs, games, stories and activities for kids 1 to 8 years.

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Why Parents Choose KidloLand?


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Sing along to over 130 interactive nursery rhymes. Thousands of surprises come alive by tapping on screen. Nursery rhymes develop literacy skills, vocabulary and communication. 


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Play over 600+ original educational songs with foot-tapping music. Learn ABCs, phonics, spelling, numbers, fruits, vehicles, animals, vegetables, days & months and much more.


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1500+ learning games for kids including matching, sorting, puzzles, tracing & spelling games. These games enhance fine-motor skills, thinking skills, reasoning & creativity.


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240+ engaging stories to develop child's reading and listening skills. Includes stories about school, seasons, holidays, shapes, vehicles, fruits, vegetables, animals, fairy tales, bugs, space and lots more.

Builds Essential Skills Through Engaging Activities


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Step by step development of the literacy skill.


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Tracing games to practice writing for beginners.


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Master everything from counting to basic calculations.


Step 4

Develop imagination and boost creative skills.

What Makes KidloLand #1 Choice of Parents?

KidloLand program available on iOS, Android & Amazon.

Once you download the songs, stories, and activities, your child can get access to offline content. KidloLand is an ideal choice for parents as it keeps children engaged and entertained during long trips, doctor’s visits, or any other event.

Early Learning Journey for Your Child

Apart from ABCs, Math & other preschool education, KidloLand also teaches moral lessons, life lessons,& good habits like sharing to your kids.

An Early Learning Platform for Your Child

Apart from imparting education, KidloLand also develops your child’s basic life skills and teaches them good habits such as sharing things, and more!

Do you have more than one child? Do you want access on multiple screens?

Once you subscribe to KidloLand, your children can access the platform on multiple devices. With one subscription, you can access KidloLand on 3 different devices. Have an endless fun learning experience with KidloLand.

Your Child's Learning Companion

KidloLand has designed content for each age group. You can choose the age group as per your child’s age.



Early Learner

Advanced Learner

What Makes KidloLand Different?

No Other In-App Purchases

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Access on Multiple Devices

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Millions of Happy Users Worldwide

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Play without Internet

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Contains No Ads

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Completely Child Friendly

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Read What Parents Have to Say


"When she’s on the app, I don’t to worry about her stumbling something bad or scary."




"My daughter loves all of the games of the app as these have cute, colorful little monsters."




"Overall I would highly recommend the app to anyone with children under the age of 7."




"She was drawn to the shapes & colors that come with the nursery rhymes."



Here are Some Additional Benefits...

Get Access to Future Updates!

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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